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Our Materials

Learn more about our commitment to the environment and how we are making a difference through the use environmentally friendly construction materials

Eco-Friendly Materials

Because caring for the environment is one of our company values, we utilize drywall sheets composed of eco-friendly materials.

Our MgO boards use about 50% less energy during the manufacturing process compared to the commercially used drywall board and it is free from toxic ingredients. Additionally, they are composed of a fire-resistant gypsum core encased in 100-percent recycled natural-finish face paper and 100-percent recycled liner paper on the backside

Environmentally Conscious Debris Removal & Recycling

As government actors and environmental activists continue to advocate for more sustainable practices in construction, industry actors have moved towards more environmentally friendly processes. 

When we recycle our drywall, our recycling partners ensure that all contaminants are removed from it, including screws and nails. The paper is then separated from the main drywall component gypsum, which is then turned into soil pellets rich in nutrients or is recycled for use in new drywall manufacturing.